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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

     - Hippocrates

Dr. Ambika Niranjan
Meet Ambika


"You are what you eat", this phrase made sense when I started seeing most of the people around unhealthy, suffering  lifestyle disorders caused by wrong dietary habits.

The desire to make people be healthy, to understand the body and to help them achieve their health and fitness goals drove me into studying nutrition and walk onto the path of health and wellness. 


Human body may seem easy but, it is a complex mechanism. A mechanism that can be controlled by the way you eat your food and live your life. 

Every health problem has a solution through your food, and the way you can add it to your health and taste, makes a great impact.

This section consists of all the dietary tips for most of your health issues, and the recipes from different cuisines curated to give a healthier touch.  

Nutrition Counselling for Individuals and Family
As everyone's body is different, so are their health issues. 
Understanding their health issues and discussing the same is a hassle for many. 
To make it easier for you to access your needs and requirements, here are a wide set of services we offer to help you choose from. 


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