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A huge hurdle when a person wants to achieve his health and weight goals is CRAVINGS.

Cravings is a sudden urge to eat a particular food at ant uncertain time and cravings are mostly for packed and processed foods, sweets, fried and sweet foods.

Some people may associate this to human nature but, in the long run, this may have adverse effects on health.

Avoiding cravings can be thought of, though not possible in the long run. But, these can be managed very well by applying certain tips and tricks.

1. DEFICIENCIES - Craving for sweets and sugary foods and always feeling hungry with a desire to eat food is a major issue found in people with deficiencies. Especially Vitamin B12 which is highly linked to sweet craving and uncontented hunger. So, getting tested for Vitamin B12 levels and completing the deficiencies using Vitamin B12 rich foods or supplements will be highly helpful.

2. DO NOT UNDEREAT - In the name of weight loss and good health, people most of the times get into calorie counting and eat lesser than even what is required by their body for normal functioning. Under-eating on the long run will make the body devoid of nutrients and make them eat larger cheat meals at ones.

For ex: You were craving a piece of chocolate cake since long which you avoided and did the same repeatedly. Where you end up developing the craving and urge for chocolate cake to such an extent that, you end up eating half a kg of chocolate cake at ones. So, rather you could eat a small piece of cake at the first or second instance, you would save your body from all the abuse.

3. 1-2 SERVINGS OF FRUITS A DAY - Fruits are not just a store house of Vitamins and Minerals, but they are also a rich source of natural sugar. Eating 1-2 fruits a day will ensure that there is sugar being supplied to your body though in the natural form and the cravings for sugary foods and sweets are avoided.

4. STAYING HYDRATED - Almost 60% of the human body is composed of Water. Water is essential for all the functions and yet, mostly neglected nutrient.

People on most occasions do not understand the difference between hunger and thirst and end up eating some high calories food even when all their body needed was just water. So, next time you feel hungry, you should first have a huge glass of water and wait for at least 5 minutes. If still hungry, then you can mindfully opt for a healthy snack.

5. JAGGERY - There are instances when you are suddenly craving for something sweet and high calorie foods. Apart from any special occasions, having sweets whenever you crave for will not only add to weight gain but also lead to many other health issues. So, an instant solution for this will be, eating a small piece of organic jaggery or 1/4 tsp of jaggery powder. Jaggery is rich in iron and many other nutrients which will add to nutrients in your body.

6. DISTRACT YOURSELF - Unnecessary cravings and desire to eat foods are an effect of boredom. So, an effective solution for this will be to distract yourself. You can involve yourself in any activities of your interest or go for a walk or jog, get into dancing or any other activities that doesn’t involve any food.

7. OCCASIONAL TREAT - Craving for a particular kind of sweet or junk food for a longer time makes you crave for it to an extent that, you end up depriving your body and be not interested in health achievements any more. So, occasional treats in a small portion pose no harm if done the right away.

8. HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVES - Rather than craving for junk food every time and then succumbing to your cravings can be harmful on your health and fitness goals. So, a wiser option will be healthier alternatives.

Ex: sweets made of low fat and using jaggery instead of sugar, making millet base pizza instead of refined flour etc. This will work on your health as well as taste buds.

9. RIGHT TIME AND TYPE OF EATING FOODS - Be it an unhealthy food or healthier alternative, making sure that the food gets digested is very important. Eating a sweet along with a meal can account for a huge number of calories at ones which leads to undigested food in the stomach which gets stored as fat. So, always split your sweet and food into different meals which makes sure that no food is left undigested. So, your sweets and desserts can be had as a mid-morning or early evening snack or as a meal in itself.

10. BEFORE SUNSET RULE - Our metabolism rises with the sun and sets with the sun. So, any high calorie sweet or meal post sunset gets very difficult to digest. Especially, sweets and junk food which are loaded with empty calories. So, any sweet or high calorie food is always better to be eaten before sunset so that your health goals are achievable.

So, these are the few easy tips to follow to achieve your health goals without succumbing to cravings and leading a healthy life.

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